Friday, March 3, 2017

Heading to the kickoff ...

Southbound heading to the appalachian kickoff, already drove through a snow squall and some minor traffic and just about to head into west virginia.... eta is 3am however with a few more stops obviously going to happen I'm guessing more like 6am till we get welcomed at the lodge for the campsite.

I'm fairly sure I have everything ... I'm solid on food even though I already know the first few days I'll be in body shock and not real hungry. Key is too eat anyway or you will pay for it. So I brought cheese and pepperoni and easy breakfasts and dehydrated dinners my buddy jason gave me from wise .... not the greatest but they'll do. I look at it this way, I got camp clothes if I get wet to sleep in, my tent, pad and quilt. Cookware and fuel and food. Beyond that it's just misc crap I know is in there like external battery etc.

Few toys to make life easier on trail but mostly it's basic. And I mean, at this point ... if I don't have it, apparently I don't need it.

Back to the swaying the car ... drove the first 2 hours ... time to relax and soak up the scenery while suns still in the sky.

First videos will come at the Atko ... stay tuned ... Cavey

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