Friday, January 20, 2017

Cry of the mountains

So here we are, another chapter of our lives ... seems to go by so quickly. Just 5 years ago I felt the pull to long distance backpacking. Hiking my entire life pushed me to the dream of one day hiking the long trails of the world.

Derailed by personal issues, life and injuries I can stand proud of the experience and the knowledge I now have to get back to that dream. So here we go, 2017 appalachian trail thru hike from springer mountain in Georgia to the mighty katahdin in deep north Maine.

Leaving this season in early March on the 5th after attending the ATKO "appalachian trail kick off" event at amicalola falls and resort. A great time to meet legends of the trail, vendors displaying their new products and a wealth of knowledge to the green around the gills backpacker whom may never have camped a day in their life to the more experienced whom will still always find something new to learn and discover.

You can find a wealth of information on the Internet and in groups but sometimes it's hard to pick out who's advice is best for you. So instead of arguing with those over opinions, I shall offer mine here and explain the differences between those choices and allow you to decide for yourself. This is also the place to follow more in depth outside the likes of youtube and facebook. I will be writing, vlogging and posting on those social media outlets. You can search for @caveysadventures on facebook and find all the links to the vlogging and updates as links back to here as well.

Got questions? Would like to hear what I have to say on certain topics? Drop me a message online and I'll get to it as soon as I can. The next entry will be getting ready for the trail, what to expect and how to help deal with the unknown you may be concerned with ...

Happy trails, much love and as always.
Embrace the suck.

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