Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sleep and shelter

Changing things up this season ...

Again this is what works for me and how I do things ... let's start with my shelter.

My lightheart gear solo has been a solid piece of gear inside my pack and has proven itself over the years ...

1 lb 7 oz "before seam sealing"

Uses my black diamond hiking poles for setup and is quick and sturdy in all weather.

Sleep system is pretty basic and only thing that may change is my pad from a neoair xlite to a big agnes q core SLX. Same weight, more loft and higher r value.

Neoair xlite large 1 lb or my medium 13 oz
Enlightenment equipment revelation quilt, custom 20 degree 21oz heat machine.

3 lbs 12 ounces for shelter and sleep. I do use a inflatable pillow and luxury is my mid day nap and camp chair swing hammock at 5.2 oz with home made whoopie slings and 1 inch 4 foot tree straps.

Base weight for winter is now under 10 lbs with luxury items.

These posts are not very entertaining and blah, once the trail starts things will be much more entertaining and hilarity will ensue. Hard to find humor in gear you're using. These are more or less for my own writings to look back on .... if you leave a comment I'll be sure to reply, send any questions to @caveysadventures on facebook and I'll be sure to blog about it. Bout a month to go till I get started .... nothing to do but wait.

Soon to be embracing the suck, Cavey.

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